Steps To Set-up Your First Earthbox

    1. Gather the materials of the Earthbox:
      1. Planting box
      2. Screen
      3. Tube
    2. If using a stand, place the planting box in the stand.
    3. Arrange parts.
      1. Place screen on support tabs near bottom of the planting box.
      2. Place tube through the hole in the screen.
    4. Pack potting soil in the two square corner-holes in the screen.
    5. Place soil on top of the screen to fill half the box.
    6. Mix 1 package of dolomite into the soil.
    7. Wet the soil.
    8. Fill the remainder of the box with potting soil.
    9. Refer to directions of how to arrange plants and fertilizer according to plant type.

      1. Dig a trench in the soil according to the diagram.
      2. Fill the trench with fertilizer.
      3. Cover the fertilizer with thin layer of potting soil.
    10. Place plastic cover over the soil, placing hole in cover over watering tube.
    11. Cut X’s in the cover for plants according to the diagram.
    12. Plant individual plants or seeds through holes in cover.
    13. Water plants from above one-time-only.
    14. Place a hose into the watering tube and fill until water runs out the bottom of the box.
    15. Continue to water 2-3 times per week until the water runs out the bottom of the box.