About the Author

Maggie KempMaggie Kemp has always had a love of nature. She came to New Hampshire in the 1990s to practice medicine.

Today, Maggie lives on a pond in Lempster, New Hampshire, with her husband and their dogs: long-haired miniature dachshund, Russell, and Bassett hound, Phoebe.

There she writes poetry and literature for children. A number of her poems can be found in journals, newspapers, and anthologies.

She also kayaks and watches loons and other critters on their pond. Sam, Fisherwoman: The Reel Story is Maggie’s first book.


“When I was growing up, my family spent much of the summer vacationing at Deep Creek Lake. My first memory at the lake was fishing with my older brothers. One morning, I woke first and decided that I would fish by myself. I followed the rules we had always followed to fish, but a problem developed when the fishing pole fell into the water. The memory of this event inspired me to write this story.”


Herbs just planted in Earthboxes on my deck.
Kayaking near my home.


In the summer, Maggie has a garden on her deck with Earthboxes. She grows many different herbs, tomatoes, and other vegetables in these high-yield, low-labor gardening systems. While gardening, she watches loons raise their chicks, and other wonders of pond life. She also listens to the wailing calls of loons.

Most months, September – June, Maggie can be seen at the poetry Hoot in Portsmouth, NH reading her work.



The garden in July.
Phoebe and Russell.


A rare view from my writing desk of a great blue heron.